Sunday, 18 October 2009

When you've earned their first money

That was 73 years, somewhere between 7 th and 8 th grade. In fact, illegally took me to the store "light" on the street. Solyanka, for the summer, the place to go to leave the seller. I earn in one month Fair 90 rubles, which bought his first drum, which later I get a lot more. And from that moment, I never sat on the neck of the parents.

And you zaviduete people kotorve earn more than you?

White envy envy when I see that the people of their efforts is seeking something bigger than me. And then, I'm not jealous, but equal to it, I want to do something better in their situation. People are earning lot of money - people with talent and power of thought. Business - it is hard work, requiring great effort. There can be jealousy, but respect.

Is it easy to earn money in Russia?

Not more difficult than in Europe. There is still a niche, but rather at the secondary level, where you can earn, at a high level, probably has not. Although ... if a person is talented, literacy, it is quite possible that all will turn out. I've been endowed with a talent for communication, someone has the talent to turn 1 in the ruble of a hundred dollars. Only in the way! And the situation is now such a fragile, that money can not keep with them, you must kudanibud they invest.

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