Sunday, 18 October 2009

While earning enough to last for fun

Financial genius - this is the kind of person who can earn more than his wife can spend. I do not know of, no. I just became a professional and exploit their profession. It allows me to any economic situation, find a niche and does not remain empty-handed.

A business is not thought to address?

No, I deposit a businessman, I have some grip, but big business, it requires great knowledge, composure, and ... not really mine. And then this fact must be dealt himself. So is not the case, that gave the money people put in his place, and they you have done and bring profit. At best, the return is not all due to your earnings, and in the worst case, will say that everything just collapsed. We must learn to control everything himself. Here's a creative business - it is about me. I'm interested in, not poor, and for the moment all I am satisfied.

How do you feel about this "American" history, when people from the very beginning makes a fortune?

I do not belong to it. I belong to people who are 20 years lupili "at one point and did not earn more than his salary. The greater part of my life, I lived in the Soviet country, where everything was "pribito for nails, and your destiny, all was clear until the end of life: school, institute, an engineer and so on. Talked about money in one word: "not enough" and "give a loan to pay." I am still doing my love and Soviet traditions still dream of earning. I'm not evil, but the feeling that you can relax and do not jerk, "I do not attend, I still dream.

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