Sunday, 18 October 2009

And where would you recommend to invest

And where would you recommend to invest?

I can recommend only one to have a profession, to believe in yourself and work! If you love something, than doing - it is ideal! The biggest value - it is time to hold it must be interesting, and, eventually, the money provides only a possibility. Still need to understand the true value of things, I, for example, never buy a madly expensive car, if I'm not using it, and we, the Russians have a very characteristic feature - show off.

You lucky man?

In the life of me lucky. Right now, for example, I have a wonderful mood, I have a wonderful wife, a young, fervently loving my little daughter - this is the most important, and the rest - things. (Pauza.) ... But the money needed, so I stick!

So then did little luck?

In addition to luck, you need to learn to do everything very well, professionally, with talent, then all the money earned, and you just reach. If you'll stand the professionalism of the situation, then all will turn out. But this need to learn, one must work hard, have a goal, talent. Do all quality, with dignity, then come and be themselves. I know this from experience.

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