Sunday, 18 October 2009

Final design

The last step, which is desirable to perform in any Fibonacci analysis is comparing the different reconstruction and projections of different price variations in the analyzed structure. This gives confidence in the given analysis. In the above graph, we have three projection for a point D, which we considered above. We have kept the same color scheme as in previous examples, so that could match the red, green and blue lines to the previous schedules. I believe that the importance of the schedule is that the whole group of relations is so close to each other that you can distinguish them only on the notes. This means that all of the Fibonacci ratio, which proektiruyutsyaiz different areas of the structure, suited to the same level where we can expect the formation of point D. Point D is thus the level where we could enter the market with the opening of bull position.

Although the examples that were cited above, refer to the bull's model Butterflies Gartli, the exact opposite is true for option bear model. All that need be done - is turn on the first example of Figure 1 to obtain disservice model shown above.

Butterfly Gartli is another way in which we can use the Fibonacci ratios to measure the visual model.

In subsequent issues of the journal will be considered other types of models Butterflies Gartli .

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