Sunday, 18 October 2009

This schedule would be a great deal

Figure 2. The signal at 117.25 purchase

Dorsi: This schedule would be a great deal when he reached base. This would be determined by the movement of 20 cells in one continuous direction. From this level to 20 or more cells down we can go a long way in the first broadside of the three cells in the deployment of stop-order at the new foundation. If the position will be closed to stop the order, the schedule will start to create a first signal from the base of the purchase, and this will be your next logical entry point. Because the schedule is the size of a turn in the three cells to change the column, the turn in three cells will be the first sign that shoppers again have the situation under control.

Kofnas: So, after a great column you can expect at least three cells and enters the fourth? This is the rule?

Dorsi: None. Point of action would have been spread in the three cells. Once the third cell, and has achieved a turn, begins operation. When the input made, immediately put a stop order. Let us go back to the original rule - go a long way only if the price is above trend line.

Kofnas: So, the currency trader will look at the trend lines, support and resistance, and must be capable of a technical discipline that is not normally associated with currency traders?

Dorsi: Yes. Currency traders are usually focused on the fundamental factors. In this case, the action takes place without the technical tools. The method should be logical, well-adjusted and based on the irrefutable law of supply and demand.

Kofnas: Let's look at the schedule for the Swiss franc to the size of a cell 25 points and the value of turn 2 cells.

Figure 3. The first signal is selling at 1.6825. Positions are added at each new breakthrough, where "0" is lower than the previous one.

Dorsi: Magnificent descending trend. The first signal to the sale of permits to enter the trend at 1.6825. Looks so that each subsequent sale of a signal added to one or more lots with the movement of stop-orders down to each subsequent sell signal.

This is an excellent example of how to use the trend of most of the building positions as the market moves in your direction. We could start with a lot, but now we will have four lots of stop order for all four lots at 1.6825.

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