Sunday, 18 October 2009

Our key strengths

As the Internet operation arm of Trendsetter Financial Markets Limited, AceTrader provides 24-hour realtime forex trading recommendations and market commentaries to online traders through our website. These trading recommendations and market commentaries were originally available to institutional traders through Reuters network only. Now it's available to all individual online traders.
We provide genuine real-time forex market commentaries and trading recommendations to both Reuters and Internet users. Led by world renowned technical analyst, Wilson Leung, we have a team of 7 analysts monitoring the market and updating our recommendations and commentaries 24 hours a day. Wilson Leung has over 20 years of experience in forex market. He is a regular speaker at Technical Analysis seminars all over the world and has conducted over 100 such seminars with Reuters for forex traders in Asia, Continental and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, CIS and the Middle East. Our key strengths

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