Saturday, 17 October 2009

Squares Hanna

Now let us look at the results of the next study that I conducted. I decided to place the tool "Square Hanna" on the graph with a vertical mid-point of the maximum of 7 January 2000. The square was pomeschens the left edge of 7 January, and extended in a way that the horizontal midpoint aligned with a minimum of 13 September. The base box has been placed on a minimum of 13 September. Below is the image that I have received.

Measuring time
I placed the left edge on 7 January 2000. and extended the box so that the horizontal midpoint to align with a minimum of 13 September 2000. Interestingly, a maximum of 16 January 2001. coincided with a period 3 / 4 square! This time is indicated by a red arrow above the side of the square, indicating the highest maximum in the graph.

I also notice that on January 6, 2000. a new moon! A full moon was on 13 September. (for details, see "Lunar phase market" in the number 19)

Support and Resistance
Arrows on the graph indicated support or opposition, secured fan lines are held from 4 corners of the square. From the schedule shows that the price movement is not accidental, but it is mathematically sound to predict.

Reverse engineering
In my example, I used the graphical tool "Square Hanna, of the lesser peaks of the recent 5-minute schedule JNPR. Max was 6 February 2001. and amounted to $ 106.50. Let us apply the technique based on the theory of square roots (for details, see the "Pyramid of the market" at number 18) to obtain the projected price:

1) The square root of 106.50 = $ 10.320
2) subtracting 1, we obtain 9.320
3) The square of 9.320 = $ 86.86

86.86 The price is 180 degrees around the square Hanna of the Nine of the price of $ 106.50. Therefore, as I have two prices, which independently provide 180 degrees, I choose the width of a square of 180 bars. This result shows the 1x1, 1x2 and 2x1 fan lines from the four corners of the square Hanna.

Left apex angle is less than the maximum of the trend at around $ 106.50. The lower right corner is at 180 degrees for the price of $ 86.86 and at 180 bars to the right. Please note a few key points:

1. The red line 1x2 from the upper left corner stopped the recovery in the 138 bar on the price of $ 98,875.

2. The red line 1x2 from the bottom left corner stopped the fall in the 97 bar on the price of $ 92.

3. Two red lines 1x2, referred to in paragraphs 1) and 2) also stopped the recovery in the bar 186 on the price of $ 96.75.

4. The trend is moving up and down on the two red lines of the 2x1 right-hand corners.

Example also shows the construction of pyramid points, started with the same trend of smaller peaks. The design includes a number of pyramid points bright blue horizontal price levels, pale red and green diagonal lines, vertical lines and turquoise. (for details, see "The Pyramid of the market" at number 18). Here we can see how two tools work together.

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