Saturday, 17 October 2009


"Square Hanna" could hold the horizontal line on the price levels shown in the horizontal marked list. These price levels are similar to those which can be constructed using the Fibonacci price levels. You must follow the trend to change direction on the price level "square Hanna."

"Square Hanna" could hold the vertical line spacing as shown in the vertical marked list. These vertical lines are similar to those which can be constructed using the Cyclic tools. Keep an eye on the trend to change the time intervals "square Hanna."

Tool Square Hanna "horizontal price levels and with a vertical time intervals is shown below.

In our example, the parameters 1/8-oy, 1/4-y, 3/8-oy, and the average point were tested for both horizontal level, and for the vertical spacing. Thus, our square and is divided horizontally and vertically into eight parts. Lines 3 / 8 and 5 / 8 are shown in red.

Another variant of the "Square Hanna was to check the parameter fan lines, which is shown in the example of filling forms for the parameters. When fan Lines noted, the tool is moving from the horizontal and vertical lines for the fan of lines from the four corners of Hanna, as shown below.

Fan through the place of the angles to the same Eighthly points on the perimeter squared, used horizontal and vertical lines in the previous example. Horizontal marked list select the point used by the two fan-lines, where the summit is on the left side of the square. Vertical marked list select the point, used two fan lines peak which is located on the right side of the square. Typical configuration for the fan of lines would have to maintain two corners on the left side, but to address the two corners on the right side, not checking all the parameters in a vertical list of options other than the perimeter.

In addition to predicting the time turn at the intersection of the primary corners of Hanna, which were considered above. Lines Hanna is also the support and resistance, many of which can be easily found in the graphic example.

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