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Pell (ペル, Peru) is one of the commanders of the Arabastan guard and the strongest fighter in Arabasta. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Falcon and thus can transform into a falcon, which has earned him the nickname "Peregrine Falcon Pell". The fruit is, apparently, one of five that have been discovered that give the user the ability to fly. Since the fruit is a Zoan type, he has 3 types of transformations meaning that he can turn into a falcon or a man/falcon hybrid, as well as maintain his natural human form.
Zoom up image of Pell talking to Vivi in the end of Rainbow Mist Filler Arc

He fights against Miss All-Sunday, aka Nico Robin, but is easily defeated. After the fight, he helps save Luffy and carries him to Alubarna. During the Arabasta Arc, Crocodile had set up a massive bomb to blow up the capital city Alubarna. Princess Nefertari Vivi and the Straw Hats managed to find the bomb, but they couldn't disarm it. Pell (seemingly) sacrificed himself by carrying the bomb high into the sky where it exploded harmlessly. However, near the end of the Arabasta arc, a doctor from a remote hospital out in the desert is calling to a person who left his hat that looked suspiciously like Pell's. He was proven alive and well at the end of the Arabasta arc when he approaches his own grave in disturbed astonishment (Anime Only). Pell was again seen when Kohza's uncle and ex-Priest Gedatsu opened up a tunnel from Arabasta to a hot spring resort. His most recent appearance was in Chapter 439 when the new bounties for the Straw Hat Pirates were revealed. He was concerned as to why Nico Robin, the former vice-president of Baroque Works, was a member of the Straw Hat Pirate crew. Pell also appeared in the end of the filler arc Rainbow Mist. Igaram picked up the last Rainbow Mist book, and he is seen at the background talking to Vivi. In the credits of One Piece The Movie 8, it shows Vivi hugging Pell, happy that he survived the explosion.

In a recent Japanese Fan Poll, Pell is currently ranked the 27th most popular character in One Piece.

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