Thursday, 15 October 2009

Miss Merry Christmas

Miss Merry Christmas, known in the 4Kids dub as Miss Groundhog's Day, is a Baroque Works agent partnered with Mr. 4.


Miss Merry Christmas is a stout, middle-aged woman with red hair. She wears a necktie that resembles a Christmas tree, which goes with her codename. Other notable attire include a large pair of purple-lensed sunglasses, a basket strapped to her back, and sandals.

Due to her Devil Fruit, she can also turn herself into a humanoid mole.


Unlike her partner, who is very slow, Miss Merry Christmas talks very fast, often only pronouncing the first syllable of the word in a high-pitched, child-like voice. In the 4kids dub, she talks like an army general with a deep feminine voice. while in the FUNimation dub, she talks like an old, fast talking grandma. Much like Crocodile, she takes a cynical view towards those like Luffy who wish to become the Pirate King, and quite happily informs Usopp that Luffy is dead, and that the world will be better off without dreamers like him.

Abilities and Powers

Miss Merry Christmas has the power of the Mogu Mogu no Mi, a Zoan type fruit that gives her the ability to transform into a giant mole or a mole-human hybrid, Usopp thinks is a penguin. Because of this transformation, she can easily dig underground in the sands of Arabasta and sneak up on opponents, and attack with her sharp digging claws.


She is first seen at the Spiders Cafe with the rest of the officer agents, and then at Crocodile's meetings at Rainbase. She demonstrated a calm and no-nonsense attitude to her work.

In the final fight between the Baroque Works and the Straw Hat Pirates, Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 fight against Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper.

She was defeated by Chopper's Horn Point transformation. After blinding Mr. 4 with his Kemuri Boshi (Smoke Star) Usopp was able to escape from Ms. Merry Christmas and her partner's combined attack (Molehill Intersection Number 4) leaving Chopper to scoop her into his antlers. Falling for Usopp's impression of her, Mr. 4 immediately slugged her in the face with his bat and sent her flying into a stone arch.

Shortly after the trio was defeated, Lasso coughed up one last explosive baseball. Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas were later taken to prison, where Miss Goldenweek visited them. They managed to escape and are now working in the new Spiders Cafe.

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