Sunday, 18 October 2009

The use of graphics programs

Technical Tool Squares Hanna "in the graphic program" Ensign Windows "is a very flexible and can be used to show trends, timing, and price levels. "Square Hanna" indicate the possible time and price movements of major maxima and minima. To build a "square Hanna" on the schedule requires the start and end points. Since the "square Hanna" indicate the possible values for the future of bars, it is often useful to move the bars schedule left, so that the right of the graph, it was clear the place. To build a "square Hanna" on the graph move the cursor on the graph at the starting point. The starting point in the general case is an important maximum or minimum on the graph. Then the cursor is dragged to the right until the desired end point is not reached. Start and end points are corners of the square. The ultimate point is often located on the right side of the schedule. Let's see how to form a tool for setting parameters.

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