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The First Mate of Bellamy the Hyena, Sarquiss (サーキース, Sākīsu) with a bounty of beli 38,000,000 for his head. He is nick-named 'Big Knife', due to his large dagger (it bears a strong resemblance to a massive kukri).


As far as personality is concerned, Sarquiss appears to be not very bright. He insisted that Bellamy's quick defeat at Luffy's hands was a "lucky shot" and even attempted to challenge the younger pirate, only to cringe once the Straw Hat captain finally gave him his attention. Unfortunately he didn't seem to learn from this, as awhile after Luffy leaves, he ends up bumping into Blackbeard and made a rude remark towards him and continues to badmouth Luffy, to which the captain promptly smashes Sarquiss into ground.

Just like his captain, he strongly believes that a New Age is coming and laughs at anyone who mentioned their dreams. He is often seen with a woman on his side, Lily.

Abilities and Powers

Sarquiss uses a giant dagger to fight, where it resembles a giant kukri, thus living up to his nickname "Big-Knife" Sarquiss.

Big Chop (大刃撃(ビッグチョップ)) - Sarquiss's one named attack, where he goes into a vertical spin and uses his trademark 'Big Knife' to turn himself into a human buzzsaw.

Jaya Arc

He is first seen on Jaya in Mock Town, bad mouthing Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro and Nami, when they try to enter a hotel, that the Bellamy Pirates had booked up fully. After a conversation with the three pirates, Sarquiss came to the conclusion they were a pitiful bunch and threw money on the ground in front of them. As they walked away he called them useless. After seeing Luffy's image:bsymbol.gif30,000,000 wanted poster, Sarquiss decides to show it to his captain Bellamy. After Bellamy is defeated by Luffy, Sarquiss bumps into Blackbeard and threatens him. Blackbeard responded by smashing Sarquiss's head on the floor with ease. [1]
[edit] Post Skypiea Arc

After Luffy easily defeated Bellamy, they were paid a visit by Donquixote Doflamingo, who, with his power, forced Sarquiss to attack Bellamy.[2]

Major Battles

Major Battles

* Sarquiss vs Blackbeard
* Sarquiss (Controlled by Donquixote Doflamingo) vs Bellamy

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