Sunday, 18 October 2009

RBS sees in euro / dollar potential to reduce

Here is an example of how this can work. Purchase of shares "Talk America" can be implemented 12.09.03 within 7 cents from the day a minimum. After a sharp downward movement of the early morning has spread because market volatility has committed so-called "trip inside." Turn on V-shaped bases occurred just inside the main level and short-term recovery Fibonacci moving average.
Tilt the market at certain times during the day adds a final dimension to the intra-day fluctuations in mechanics. In most sessions, the market has developed from the opening kick in the first half hour of trade. The main strength or weakness of the movement, which is often followed by, dictate the nature and magnitude of price fluctuations throughout the day.
The market often shows a different turn in about 90 minutes until tender. This fluctuation can be quickly dissipated, or cause a stampede last hour in one direction or another.

Euro / dollar remains under pressure, and the RBS analysts have warned that if the holes will support at $ 1.2960, the couple may continue to fall to $ 1.2765. Meanwhile, in the long term, the bank had forecast Bear. According to strategists RBS, may test a minimum of $ 1.2460, which was achieved in March, but for a full refutation of bovine turn last month, monthly closing below $ 1.3258. Resistance is in the area of $ 1.3103, $ 1.3253 and $ 1.3440, togdakak levels of support are around $ 1.2952, and near $ 1.2867 and $ 1.2765.

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