Sunday, 18 October 2009

Participants from 9 various countries

1624 participants from 9 various countries worldwide were registered for a participation in the competition, 1605 traders have taken active part in the competitive trading. The funds total admitted to the trading at the moment of the beginning of the competition makes up 160 500 000 US dollars, at the ending of the competition this sum has made up 169 821 994, 5 US dollars taking into account negative balances of participant deposits.The competition winner is a trader from Russia; he opened his competitive account in the company Straighthold Investment Group, Inc, being a part of the group of companies LiteForex. The 2nd and 5th places were taken by the traders from Belarus, the 3rd and 8th – the traders from Ukraine, the 4th – the trader from Lithuania, the 6th and 7th places also were taken by Russians.« it’s impossible to tell about a considerable superiority of someone among winners », - comments, the final results of trading competition, the marketing director of the group of companies LiteForex Simeon Rakhmanov, - « the gap between contenders for various places was estimated at the tenth parts of a point, as well as a difference between prize-winning and not prize-winning rating positions».The most successful trading was the trading of the winner, in the true sense of the word, – the trader managed to increase his deposit by 50 % and following the strict competitive rules of trade-keeping. Also the Russian managed to come to the ending of the competition with the smallest deposit: the trader has kept only 40039.51 on the competitive deposit from initial 100 000 US dollars.The prize-winning sums will be deposited into accounts specified by the winners during three bank days and its can be used by their owners discretion with no restrictions.

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