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“ "With a moment of hesitation, how can you protect the future, from a criminal who is trying to escape? Fire!". ”

When a soldier argued against Onigumo's order of destroying a fellow Buster Call ship and 1000 comrades just to kill Monkey D. Luffy, being a firm believer in Absolute Justice, Onigumo shot him in cold blood.[2] Being a firm believer of Absolute Justice, Onigumo is willing to sacrifice anything to defeat what is defined as "evil".

Abilities and Powers

As a Marine Vice-Admiral, Onigumo is capable of commanding a Buster Call alongside four other Vice-Admirals.

Devil Fruit

Onigumo apparently ate some sort of Zoan Devil Fruit that allows him to grow three pairs of spider-like black arms and a spider abdomen from his back. With these spider-like appendages and his own two human arms, he is capable of wielding a total of eight cutlass swords, in a similar fashion to Hatchan's Six Sword Style or Zoro's Nine Swords Style Asura (with the exception of the heads).

Enies Lobby Incident

He was the one who commanded three ships to attack a fellow Buster Call ship with all its 1000 fellow sailors on board just to target Monkey D. Luffy, who was fighting on it with Rob Lucci, though he had confidence that Lucci would survive.

He was last seen shouting insults at the personnel of the Gate of Justice for closing it down (though in reality it was closed up by Sanji).

Escorting Ace

He's later seen again during the Impel Down arc awaiting to transfer Ace to Marineford and telling his squad not to let their guard down for a second during the procedure, and then telling Ace to take a look at his final sky.

Battle at Marineford

He was seen holding eight swords along with his fellow vice-admirals preparing to battle the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies.

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