Sunday, 18 October 2009

The man who broke the Bank of England

Analysis of clandestine financial networks, Soros is vital to understand the true dimension "problem Soros in eastern Europe and other countries.

After the crisis of the European exchange rate mechanism in September 1992., When the Bank of England was forced to abandon efforts to stabilize the pound sterling, from the shadow of a little financial shape, saying that he personally made a $ 1 billion in speculation against the British pound. Speculators were Hungarian origin George Soros, who wait the war in Hungary under false papers. Soros left Hungary after the war, and received U.S. citizenship after several years in London. Today, Soros is based in New York, but it says little about who he was and what he said.

After his impressive claims to possess "Midas touch", Soros has allowed public use of his name in an apparent attempt to influence the world financial markets.

Soros loudly announced in March 1993. That the price of gold should rise sharply: he said he had just received "inside information" that China is going to buy a huge kolichetvo gold for its rapidly growing economy. Soros was able to raise the demand for buying gold, which allowed prices to rise by more than 20% over four months to the highest level since 1991. And that is typical for Soros, when prostachki scrambled to buy, pushing prices higher, Soros and his friend Sir James Goldsmith secretly began selling their gold with a large profit.

Then, in early June 1993. Soros announced his intention to cause a sale of German government bonds in favor of French. In an open letter to the editor of the London "Times" Anatole Kaletskomu, Soros said "Down with the D-mark!" At various times, Soros attacked the currency of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico, entering the newly opened financial markets which have little experience with foreign investors, which allows it alone, with large cash resources to manipulate the currency. Soros is beginning to market to buy assets in the local market, while the other is that naive to assume that he knows something they do not know. As in the case of gold, when the smaller investors begin to follow Soros, pushing prices up, Soros begins to sell, with its 40% or 100% profit. He then proceeds to other markets, and often, and to a new country in search of another goal for his speculations. This technique is called "hit and run."

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