Sunday, 18 October 2009

LMT Forex

The trading signal occurred on the H4 time-frame. Although I do have LMT attached to the daily chart as well I haven’t received a trading signal on it yet - no doubt because the eur/usd is currently in a uptrend and there is no major change in the trend, thus no LMT signal. I also have tons of other currency pairs that I’m trading using the daily chart, but I’m getting a bit off-topic here.

Here is the trading signal I got with LMT Forex:

2009.05.28 04:00:16 LMT 1.5 EURUSD,H4: Alert: LMT Signal on EURUSD
2009.05.28 04:00:16 LMT 1.5 EURUSD,H4: [L.M.T] : Alert On 2009.05.28 08:00

And here is a screenshot of the trade in action! (still ongoing by the way):

*Click on the image to see it in full detail*

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