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Donquixote Doflamingo


Seeming to be the most laid-back of all the Shichibukai, Doflamingo is somewhat unique, in that he appears to be one of the few members lacking a serious demeanour. Doflamingo seems to have a penchant for dramatic phrasing, as well as a habit of exaggerated posing when giving declarations. He also appears to fear no one, as he openly taunts Fleet Admiral Sengoku, sits on the table during the Shichibukai meeting (and in the war with Whitebeard), and shows only gleeful interest at the thought of warring with Whitebeard.

Like Bellamy, Doflamingo tends to laugh at people's dreams, in preparation for the "New Era." While he appears to regard those weaker than him working mere underlings rather then crew mates, he does still have some pride and a small sense of honor for his old flag and despises the idea of those failing while using it.

Doflamingo likes to toy around with his opponents and victims in a somewhat sadistic and cruel way, as seen when he gleefully forced two Marines to try to kill each other, and forcing Bellamy and Sarquiss to fight each other and suffer injuries before dealing a death blow, all the while laughing at their pain. During the battle with Whitebeard Doflamingo also laughs sadistically after severing Oars Jr.'s leg.

Doflamingo also seems to lose interest on certain things easily in favor of the "New Era", as seen with his leadership over the Bellamy Pirates and the ownership over the Human Auctioning House.

Abilities and Powers

Doflamingo possesses an as-of-yet unnamed ability to control people's bodies like puppets by using some form of psychokinesis (this seems to be dependent on "puppeteer" movement by his arms and fingers). He can make his victims move as he wants by moving his fingers accordingly. Doflamingo mainly uses this power to force comrades to fight (and kill) each other, while Doflamingo himself sits at the sidelines and watches.

It is unknown what limitations his abilities are, but he was able to control two people at a time, and all three times none of the victims seemed to be able to resist his powers at the very least, rendering them all completely helpless to him. It's unknown if he has the power of telekinesis or he has just puppetry.

He was also able to dodge Oars Jr.'s attacks with relative ease, which means he has some ability of speed. He also completely jumped over Oars Jr., showing impressive jumping ability.

It is possible that Doflamingo's powers somehow allow him to use wires offensively as a weapon as well, such as when he effortlessly sliced the massive Oars Jr.'s leg off.

Jaya Arc

Doflamingo is initially introduced with his attendance at a meeting held by the World Government as supervised by Fleet Admiral Sengoku after the fall of Shichibukai member Crocodile. After playing with other government agents with his abilities, he states that his "business" on the island was going better than planned and that he only attended this meeting because he was bored. He also noted that Sengoku was speaking too harshly of the Shichibukai, going against his "Great Buddha" image.[2]

Post Skypiea Arc

“ Whether or not... Sky Island exists... Whether the city of gold is a legend... Or a reality... Those things do not interest me. Before you acted on such foolish dreams... You should have listened to the opinions of others!!

-Doflamingo on why Bellamy lost

When Doflamingo learned of Bellamy's defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Captain Monkey D. Luffy, Doflamingo came to Jaya and promptly punish him for failure by forcing Sarquiss to attack Bellamy, and discarding the Bellamy Pirates from his allegiance.[3]It is as of yet unknown whether or not Bellamy was the only captain under Doflamingo's command.

Call from business

He was revealed to be the owner of the Human Auctioning House; however, he gave it to Disco after it was attacked by the Straw Hat Pirates, stating that slavery was "out" and "smilies" were in.[4]

He answered to the call of Shichibukai to battle Whitebeard and joined the war, later shown dining with the other Shichibukai, except for Jinbei and Boa Hancock. During the feast, he seemed to be getting along with Marshall D. Teach, despite their differences in their beliefs regarding dreams and the New Age.

War with Whitebeard

He was later seen at Marineford, alongside Bartholomew Kuma, Juracule Mihawk, Gecko Moria, and Boa Hancock, ready for the battle ahead.

Until the arrival of Oars Jr., he was content to watch the battle unfold from the sidelines. When Oars Jr. managed to get to the plaza of Marineford, though, he attacked Doflamingo in an attempt to take down at least one Shichibukai before falling. However, Doflamingo dodged the attack with ease and then somehow sliced off Oars Jr.'s leg, laughing all the while. Later Atomos tried to kill him, but Doflamingo used his powers to make Atomos attack his own comrades.

“ Pirates are evil!!? The Marines are righteous!!? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history...!!! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values!!! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground!!! Justice will prevail, you say!? But of course it will!!! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!!! ”

When Luffy and his party finally arrive at Marineford, he was delighted to see that all the seven pre-Blackbeard Shichibukai were assembled and, at the same time, amused that Luffy, the famous rookie at least according to him, was there as well.

When Sengoku reveals that Luffy's father is actually Dragon, he comments on how Ivankov's appearance at the battlefield finally made sense.

Upon Ivankov's confrontation with Kuma, Doflamingo told him the "Tyrant" Kuma he knew was dead.

Major Battles

* Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma and Gecko Moria vs. Oars Jr.
* Donquixote Doflamingo vs. Atomos

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