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Capone Bege


Capone is a short man with a stocky build who looks like a Mafia boss with the black-and-white pinstriped attire he is dressed in, complete with a green cravat around his neck, with the excess tucked inside the suit. Capone was also seen wearing a large decorated overcoat with a red and gold trim as he was confronted by Marines while departing the Sabaody Archipelago. He sports an oiled-up and slicked-back hairstyle befitting that of a crime don. And like Crocodile, Bege wears very expensive golden rings with precious stones mounted on them, with the only difference is that with both hands on, all of his fingers (including the thumbs) have them. His facial features have a very stern look to them further accentuated by his rather sharp but hooking beak-like nose. He also has a five o'clock stubble on his upper lip. As for his personal effects, he included a pirate captain's coat, a western style cowboy hat, both of which he only seems to put on for traveling purposes, and is seen smoking a cigar in his mouth.


Capone is a man who likes good behavior and mannerisms. He is appalled by things like bad table manners and rudeness. He usually maintains a reserved and calm demeanor almost to the point of being cultured and sophisticated. However, he can be very impatient and ill-tempered and is not at all above injuring others, even his own crew, should they provoke his ire even the slightest. For so long as he's not agitated, he appears to be a pirate who prefers to avoid trouble where can be, and his reaction to hearing about Luffy's attack on a World Noble is that of shock and of fleeting foot. However, when he does engage in battle, it is possibly due to the nature of his powers, that he tends to just walk into danger on his own, since he can easily summon numerous subordinates at any time and place to fight on his behalf. It also seems to be for this reason, that he appears to view his crew as somewhat expendable, made apparent by the fact he did not seemed bothered about smoking them out despite their protests.


Capone's men generally address him as "Father" similarly to the way that Mafia members address their high ranking leader as "Godfather". In return, he sees his crew mates somewhat expendable, as he stabbed one with a fork for disturbing him, and continued to smoke heavily despite his subordinates being inside him.

Devil Fruit

Like Don Krieg, Bege controls a massive force of subordinates.[2] However, he holds them within his body using some unknown Devil Fruit, including horses and cannons. He manifests these objects outside his body by first manifesting gunports and doorbridges on his person with which his "troops" could come out. It is currently unknown whether or not these people, animals, and objects were created by his own powers or were actually real and made miniature by his powers. Essentially, this makes Bege a human-sized walking fortress, a literal one-man army. When the objects and people within him reach a certain distance of leaving his body, they go back to full size upon passing through a pinkish layer of unknown aura centered on Bege's location, resulting in large cannon volleys and cavalry seemingly popping out of nowhere from one man.

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Like the other Supernovas, he was first seen having entered the Sabaody Archipelago, after having traversed the one of the Grand Line's seven initial paths. His first appearance was inside a restaurant, where he was seen eating next to Jewelry Bonney, disgusted by her lack of manners.[4]

Later, he was seen witnessing Roronoa Zoro walking in the path of a Tenryuubito, nearly causing the call for an Admiral to the archipelago, if not for the intervention of Bonney. He also noted that even if the Straw Hat Pirates were crazy as rumors would have it, Zoro was truly insane for drawing his blade against a Tenryuubito. Later on, he read the latest news that Portgas D. Ace, Whitebeard's second-in-command was to be executed in public to his shock, as most other Supernova's did.

Finally, when he heard how Luffy attacked a Tenryuubito, he ordered his crew to set for Fishman Island immediately, saying he did not wish to deal with a Marine Admiral.[5] However, he is later on surrounded by a horde of Marine soldiers all by himself, but he calmly tells them that they've already lost in sheer military force,[6] backing it up by calling forth what is essentially a small army from his body, as well as firing small cannons (which expanded into regular sized cannonballs).

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