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Bellamy is a tall and darkly tanned man with unkempt blonde hair wearing a pink sleeveless shirt with a navy blue pirate captain's coat over it.


“ The Lost city of Gold!? The Emerald city!? The great Treasure of "One Piece"!? The fools who go looking for their "dream treasure" cannot notice what's in front of them! In this era of the sea the ones that do not have real strength... are the ones that are killed by their own imaginations!

-Part of Bellamy's speech on pirates chasing Dreams.

Bellamy's character is one that is cruel, violent and vain. He is very arrogant and is highly confident in his own powers (evident by the fact that he thought he was winning when Luffy fought against him seriously for the first time; although of course, none of his attacks were actually effective against the Straw Hat, due to his elastic physiology, and instead believing that Luffy survived them all through sheer luck), but only against foes he thinks he could win against; which led to his eventual defeat at Monkey D. Luffy's hands, whom Bellamy thought was weak, not knowing that this Pirate Captain recently defeated a Shichibukai, Crocodile, before moving into Jaya. Also he seems to laugh at other people's misfortune. Like Doflamingo, he heavily believes in the "New Age" and thinks it will soon come after what he calls the "Age of Dreams" The New Age is what Bellamy believes will follow the "Age of Dreams", which is where people dream of finding One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. His heavy beliefs in the "New Age" had made him mock and laugh at any one who dreams.

Abilities and Powers

Bellamy has eaten the Bane Bane no Mi. With this he has the ability to turn his legs into springs, allowing him to jump with great speed and power. At his most powerful, Bellamy can easily break apart bits of a house simply by bouncing off of them. He appears to be an average fighter without the aid of his powers.

Jaya Arc

Bellamy and his crew were on the island of Jaya, looking for other powerful pirates to recruit for the "New Age." On the island, another pirate, "Roshio the Executioner", has a conflict with Bellamy in a bar. After Roshio wins against Bellamy in a game of poker, Bellamy accuses him of cheating and smashes Roshio out the bar's top floor window (before knocking Roshio out the window in the manga, Bellamy first stabs him, nailing his hand to the money he was trying to collect, shoots him in the leg and sets him on fire). With this attack, Roshio is defeated, but as his crew tries to carry him off, Bellamy jumps out the window to finish the job.

Soon after this incident, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami enter the bar in search of answers about a mysterious island floating in the sky. The crew is immediately mocked by the mere mention of this island, especially by Bellamy. He tells the Straw Hat crew that legends and dreams such as the sky island are foolish, and that pirates shouldn't be concerned over such nonsense. This comment angers Luffy but not before he decides that a fight over dreams would be meaningless, and reluctantly, he and Zoro refuse to engage in battle.[1] This soon prompts Bellamy and his crew to beat up and humiliate the two. Though Bellamy and his crew give Luffy and Zoro a bit of a thrashing, the Straw Hats maintain their pacifistic disposition until Nami is forced to drag the two out.[2]

Later on, Luffy and crew meet up with Montblanc Cricket who, much like Luffy, believes greatly in the legend of the sky island. During the night, as the Straw Hats are on a search in a nearby jungle for a bird that will help them reach the sky island, Bellamy and crew attack and greatly wound Cricket and his friends.[3] Afterwards they steal all of Cricket's gold, which was the only proof the he had of the mysterious island's possible existence. When Luffy finds out what has happened to his new friends, he races back to the bar where he first met Bellamy.

Back at the bar, Bellamy and crew are laughing it up over their recent assault on Montblanc Cricket. Just then, the town drunk rushes in wanted posters and news that Bellamy is in great danger. The two men that he and his crew attacked in the bar are Roronoa Zoro and Monkey D. Luffy, each with a respective bounty of 60,000,000 Beli for Zoro and 100,000,000 Beli for Luffy. Everyone in the bar is shocked, except for Bellamy who arrogantly claims that the wanted posters are forgeries created by the two men in an effort to scare him into giving up in a fight with them. This calms the rest of the pirates down for a while, that is, until Luffy's voice is heard screaming for Bellamy outside of the bar. Upon hearing Luffy, Bellamy exits the bar and challenges Luffy to a duel.

Bellamy mostly shows off his skills with repeated use of his "Spring Snipe" technique, making single bouncing shots toward Luffy. Even with this endless assault, Luffy still doesn't lift a finger towards Bellamy. After a few more attacks on Luffy, Bellamy readies one more shot using his "Spring Hopper" technique. Bellamy begins ricocheting himself around the town making his bouncing speed quicker and quicker, creating an almost deafening sound of bouncing springs that covers the entire town. While he is powering up his attack, Bellamy endlessly insults Luffy and Cricket over their persistent dreams and ridiculous belief in the sky island which visibly angers Luffy. In one final attack, Bellamy rockets toward Luffy, and with one single, unstretched massive hit Luffy smashes Bellamy to the ground, busting a nasty imprint of his knuckles on the right side of his face knocking him completely unconscious.[4] His crew, quickly realizing that Luffy's wanted posters are indeed the real thing, and they ran away.

Post Skypiea

Later on, Bellamy is seen with an elaborate bandage around his head (presumably because the marred knuckle imprint that Luffy left him still hasn't healed) at the end of the Skypiea arc.
“ I lost. But I never meant to disobey your orders. I swear on the flag! This is just how I do things...eliminate the weak... then someday I'll reach your level!!!

- A critically injured Bellamy begs for one more chance

Donquixote Doflamingo, a Shichibukai Bellamy swore allegiance to, returned to Jaya and forced Bellamy and his First Mate, Sarquiss, to fight each other, "as a lesson" for disgracing his flag when Bellamy was beaten by Monkey D. Luffy. Bellamy begged in vain for forgiveness and another chance from the Shichibukai, and Doflamingo responded by declaring that Bellamy was not needed anymore and manipulated Sarquiss to attack Bellamy, both of whom screamed for mercy at the last moment.[5]
“ But you know Bellamy... this is what I like about you! Hahaha! The new era is almost upon us. Go do as you like. However... I don't need you on my side.

- Doflamingo's last words to Bellamy


* Bellamy vs Roshio
* Bellamy Pirates vs. Montblanc Cricket, Masira and Shōjō
* Bellamy vs. Luffy
* Bellamy vs. Sarquiss (While being controlled by Donquixote Doflamingo)

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