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Originally, Alvida was a very obese and ugly woman. [1]

The Sube Sube no Mi makes Alvida very slippery and, aside from the cowboy hat she wears, Alvida looks totally different from her original form, now dressed in a bikini top and wears a furcoat like a cape. She also wears a tight, capri-length pair of pants with stripes and her blouse is usually seen tied around her waist. Most people that see her actually fall in love with her, as seen in Loguetown.


She sees herself as the most beautiful lady in all of the seas; if someone disagrees, she will smash the offender with her iron mace. She imprisoned Koby to be her cabin boy after he boarded her ship by accident. Disliking filth and laziness, her crew was forced to clean the entire deck, if there is even a hint of dust she will once again smash the offender with her club. People used to say she was the most beautiful woman in the world to avoid being hit by her club, these days they really mean it. (Even though Hancock and the Mermaid Princess have also been called the most beautiful women in the world.)


Alvida at first traveled with Buggy, though only because they have a common person they wish to find (Luffy). She, however, did not seem to tolerate Buggy and his crews constant noise making and asked his crew to not be so noisy. However, she didn't hesitate to abandon him when the crew met a dead end in their quest to free Buggy.


Since Luffy was the first man to defeat her, Alvida has become quite infatuated with him; he doesn't seem to quite understand those feelings. She showed little disappointment when Buggy tried to kill him during the Loguetown arc.

She is the prime enemy of Koby, who has not forgotten the years of hard labor and abuse she put him through. He had boldly stated it was pirates like her that he wished to arrest when he declared his actions to her.

Abilities and Powers

Before her transformation, Alvida was not a powerful fighter, as she was unable to land a single blow on Luffy before he defeated her (actually, she did, with her trademark iron mace, but with Luffy's body being rubber, the attack was rendered useless). However, her club is still a deadly weapon, and it can kill a man with one blow. After gaining her Devil Fruit powers, her newly lubricated skin meant that many attacks, such as swords, merely slip off her, leaving her unharmed. She can also 'skate along on her bare feet at high speeds, but requires a ramp to get her started.


Kanabou (金棒, Iron Mace): an unnamed attack where Alvida smashes an opponent with her massive iron mace. The fact that she was able to lift the heavy mace despite her rather frail yet flawless appearance suggests that she retains her normal strength from back when before she consumed her Devil Fruit. The attack itself has nothing to do with her Devil Fruit ability whatsoever. Interestingly, instead of getting hurt, males injured by the mace instead exhibits "love-struck" symptoms (similar to the ones Sanji gets whenever he's in close proximity with beautiful women) after getting hit by Alvida.

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