Thursday, 17 September 2009

Here’s what makes the Carry Trade so great!

Many people don’t really get the “carry trade” strategy and why it’s so great. Their focus is on the daily interest and they don’t see themselves getting rich off of the daily interest. However, that’s only ONE of the reasons why traders get into the carry trade.

Think of a carry trade this way. Let’s say you have two banks in the same town. Bank A will offer you 3% in a savings account while Bank B will only offer you 1/2 of 1% (0.50%). Which one are you going to deposit money into?

Now, if you were a betting man or woman…which bank would you bet on having the most “inflows” of deposits? Of course, Bank A…because people aren’t idiots and want to earn the most they can on their money.

Well while the carry trade isn’t a “savings account” by any means…it works off of a similar principle.

Traders and investors alike want to earn the most that they can on their money. After all, the interest earned is the closest thing to a guarantee as you’ll get. So investors look out in the “investing arena” and look to see who has high interest rates when compared to others.

It’s no surprise that investors from all over the world pile into the same, few high yielding currencies.

Look at the chart below and you will see what investors all over the world are looking at. Now which currencies would you look into first? The U.S., Japan?….or Australia and New Zealand? Of course, the latter. Why? Because your mama didn’t raise a dummy and you want to get the highest interest rate possible on your money.

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